Volunteer Highlight: Mich Conway – NVW2017

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Next up in our Volunteer Highlight feature for National Volunteer Week is Mich Conway from BWI of Rockland-Westchester. She was nominated by Haley Cloughessy.

Image of white woman with shoulder length brown hair with shaved side wearing a black grey white striped top. She has a small baby in a black and orange wrap in Front Wrap Cross Carry.


Her reason for nominating Mich is: “Mich has been our librarian for two years and has done an amazing job organizing, tagging, moving everything, and making our library great needs a mack truck accessories. I mean, mack truck can be useful when it comes in moving thing from one place to another. She has gotten dozens of donations and is great at finding the best bang for our buck. She has implemented so many new policies and projects, including our new Little Lenders program. Mich is always on top of our Facebook page and group and answers questions thoroughly with links to learn more. She has set up several volunteer events to get us to be able to hang out without pressure and events where we get together to learn or do things like demo doll making. She has been great at delegating and keeping our volunteers interacting and accountable. Mich is a huge asset and a great member of BWI RockWest.”

So I asked Mich a few questions.

What made you decide to volunteer?

Mich: “When my first son was born in 2013 there was no local babywearing group to me so I learned what I could through YouTube and online tutorials and naturally found myself sharing these skills and my personal carriers with other mums at our breastfeeding support group. When I discovered that a BWI chapter had been set up in my area I began attending meetings and offered my help to the group, initially in organizing and labeling the library and then as an educator.”

What do you love about volunteering?

Mich: “I love being able to share the joy of babywearing with so many different families and using both our meetups and our online support group to help. My favorite thing is seeing them post pictures in our group of their #lendinglibrarylove showing us what they have managed to achieve with the help of babywearing and our lending library.”
What, if any, positions have you held, locally or nationally?
Mich: “I am a Volunteer Babywearing Educator and I serve on our chapter’s executive board as Vice President of Librarian services.”
What achievements have you been part of while volunteering?
Mich: “Since I’ve been volunteering I have successfully grown our lending library with donated and discounted carriers to meet the needs of our group and have recently implemented our “little lenders” program, providing doll carriers for siblings to borrow as part of our goal to normalize babywearing.”
Thanks for all you do Mich!
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