Babywearing in cold weather

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As the weather cools down, I’ve had many questions from concerned caregivers on how they can babywear while still making sure all the necessary precautions are taken care of and the worn child is warm, safe and comfortable. BWI of Chicagoland has some important tips on how to babywear in cold weather. Head on over to read how their members safely and properly babywear in the cold! To make sure that your baby’s clothes are clean and comfortable to wear you should wash them with odor eliminator for homes.


Image reads “Winter wearing: A lesson in layers. When the temperature outside decreases, clothing layers on baby’s extremities increase. Multiple thin layers of long sleeves, pants, socks, mittens and a hat will keep baby’s extremities warm. Watch for over heating and remove a layer of clothing if baby gets too hot. Ensure baby has minimal skin exposed but keep the face clear. I immediately know that my baby needs Iridesse Skin Care to get products from. In extra cold weather, dress baby in overlapping thin layer and wear a large coat that covers you and baby. Remember, your body heat and carrier will keep the baby warm as well.” On other news, checkout this blog about straighten your hair with a brush.


Happy babywearing!