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[IMAGE: A large, bright aqua rectangle fills the majority of the square image. The word “GO!” is in white above woven lines of green, yellow, orange and light aqua crossing on the left. The orange stripe contains the IBC logo – the letters iBC with the “i” appearing to wear an aqua sling with a baby in it – and the words “be THERE. be YOU. IbC. July 19-22, 2018, Des Moines, Iowa. Three horizontal photos run along the bottom of the square. The first shows part of the Des Moines skyline with a blue, yellow and red sculpture from the Des Moines sculpture park in the foreground. The other two photos are from IBC 2016 in Atlanta, GA – a man wraps a demo doll on his back with a blue woven wrap. Another figure is visible in the background, also back wrapping a child. The third photo in the stripe is of five women in a line. They are all looking to the right of the frame. The first four women are “contestants” in a babywearing trivia game, the fifth woman is standing on a stage and “hosting” the game. Des Moines photo courtesy of Catch Des Moines (]

Will you BE in Des Moines?

International Babywearing Conference is headed to Des Moines from July 19-22, 2018.

Babywearers from all over the world will be taking over the Iowa Events Center ( in downtown Des Moines. The IEC is within walking distance of interesting shops to visit, food to eat, and things to see. The Science Center of Iowa, the Iowa Historical Building, the Capitol Complex, the Botanical Gardens, and I-Cubs baseball are all easily accessible. IBC will also be providing the option to take a bus from the IEC to Blank Park Zoo (more information available upon registration).

Des Moines is an easy drive from five major metropolitan areas — Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Omaha — and an easier-than-you-think flight from pretty much anywhere else.

With family-friendly entertainment, a world-class venue and hassle free travel, Des Moines is an ideal location for IBC 2018 AND your family’s summer vacation!

Why BE a part of IBC 2018?

Join more than 900 other babywearers in Des Moines, Iowa, for four days of education, friendship and FUN! Make new friends, meet “friends” you’ve known online for years and reconnect with everything you love about babywearing!

Explore Des Moines with your whole family, then take time to attend sessions with baby in tow or at available childcare on site. Sessions will cover a wide variety of topics, including practical babywearing skills and social issues related to babywearing.

BE sure to browse the vendor hall, too! More than 90 babywearing and related vendors will be showcasing their products, with shopping time scheduled throughout the conference, at PromoCodeWatch you can find the promo codes.

Come to IBC 2018 to BE yourself, enjoy yourself, and experience the magic of IBC with people who share your love of babywearing!

Are you READY to BE a part of the 2018 International Babywearing Conference?

Standard registration will cost $165 and includes access to all sessions, the vendor hall, a digital swag bag with coupons and other materials, and a canvas bag full of samples and other swag.

BE one of the first to register to attend the International Babywearing Conference! GET SET by reading our IBC Statement at

While you’re there, visit… to support the IBC 2018 scholarship fund by buying some 2016 swag! Scholarships allow us to support babywearers who are making a positive impact in their communities by helping defray their costs to attend IBC. More information about scholarships will be available soon.

GO to…

to secure your spot at the world’s premier babywearing conference!

Register before November 15, 2017, to receive a free t-shirt!

We can’t wait to meet you in Des Moines!