Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Babywearing International (BWI) with ‘Journey’

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Last summer marked the 10th anniversary of Babywearing International (BWI), and to celebrate this milestone we have collaborated with Apple Blossom Wovens (ABW) to offer a commemorative woven!

“Journey”, the commemorative wrap celebrating the 10th anniversary of Babywearing International (BWI). Image shows a collage of five pictures – one main picture on the top and four on the bottom. The main picture shows the side photo of a black woman with her hands around a baby, wearing ‘Journey’, a orange-blue gradient colored wrap in a front wrap cross carry (FWCC). The words ‘The Journey’ in a white box and ’10th Anniversary’ is in the middle the image with the Apple Blossom Wovens logo at the bottom right of the image. On the bottom left, the image shows a close up of ‘Journey’ being worn using a ring. The second from left image shows four white children looking into the camera as they sit on a fence with a blanket across their laps. The second from right image shows a smiling light skinned black child with an Afro being worn in ‘Journey’ in a backcarry by his dad. The bottom right image shows a white woman in a green hat with white trim wearing a blonde-haired toddler in a ‘Journey’ ringsling. 


“Journey” was inspired by a sunrise over the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, incorporating BWI’s colors of orange and blue to symbolize one’s babywearing journey; there may be some mountains to climb, but there is also such beauty to be found in the process, at whatever stage you may find yourself.

We have partnered as well with carrier and accessory companies 2Lambie and Tula as well. Offerings will be priced starting at $15 retail for accessories, $135 for carriers and will be open via pre-order to all, with discounts for BWI Members, Educators, and Chapters.

The pre-order will open on January 15 and close on February 15. Don’t forget to check out Apple Blossom Wovens website for more info on pricing and time frame for pre-orders.

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