Babywearing International is governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors.  Board members are elected by Chapter Volunteers during the BWI Annual Meeting in November and serve overlapping two-year terms.  The Board of Directors is responsible for strategic planning, policy, budgeting, organizational administration, and provides oversight for contractors and committees.

Kat Chaffin

President, Non-Fiscal Compliance Coordinator

Kat Chaffin : President, Non-Fiscal Compliance Coordinator

Kat Chaffin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communications, and greatly enjoys her part-time work doing graphic design, prepress and production art in the printing industry. Kat lives with her husband and two children in the Los Angeles suburb of Valencia, CA, where she started the Los Angeles County chapter of Babywearing International.

Kat discovered babywearing in early 2012, with her 2nd child. She quickly became obsessed with woven wraps and wrapping, and soaked up all the knowledge she could. She is passionate about spreading her love of babywearing, and will happily talk for hours about it with anyone who’s interested. Kat is pleased and honored to be able to use her skills to benefit Babywearing International by serving on the Board of Directors, as she believes greatly in its organizational mission.

When she’s not doing her job as a mom, reading a book, or on her computer talking wraps and designing things, you can often find Kat at her piano. Whether classical or jazz, there’s never enough music time for her.

Catherine Dean

Vice President of Programs and Development

Catherine Dean : Vice President of Programs and Development

A former Museum curator and third-generation educator, Cathy has been babywearing since the birth of her daughter in 2011. She quickly became active in her local BWI chapter and sought accreditation as a VBE in 2013. Cathy now serves as Treasurer and Librarian for BWI of Central Virginia and finds the most joy in helping find and train leaders for the group.

Cathy currently lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and daughter. She has a Master of Arts in Anthropology from the George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Grinnell College. She is a proponent of “anthropological parenting” and is thrilled to see a resurgence of this traditional practice in contemporary society. Cathy is a historic costume enthusiast and history buff and when not babywearing you can find her cooking allergy-friendly foods, sewing, or enjoying contemporary and historical social dance. She is self employed and owns Historically Inspired Designs. She has more than a decade of hands-on non-profit experience both as a staff member and volunteer and has previously served on the Board of Directors of the Traditional American Dance and Music Society and the Costume Society of America, Southeastern Region.

Kathy Low

Social Media, Education Committee Liaison

Kathy Low : Social Media, Education Committee Liaison

Kathy Low graduated from Western Michigan University in 2005 with a BS in Elementary Education. She has three young children which makes babywearing essential to her parenting experience. Kathy has also been involved in the Real Estate Industry, sales, and marketing communities while working from home for the last 6 years. Kathy found babywearing prior to the birth of her first child in 2010 and fell quickly in love. She loves all types of carriers but can most often be found wearing a woven wrap.

Kathy is a co-founder of Babywearing International of Grand Rapids, MI and is currently the Director of Education and a Master Babywearing Educator for the group. Kathy teaches Babywearing 101 classes and works with the new educators of her local group. She loves working with caregivers and sharing the babywearing spirit with everyone. Kathy is thrilled to work with BWI to further foster their goals.

Beth Rosa

Technology Committee Chair

Beth Rosa : Technology Committee Chair

Beth Rosa graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Computer Data Processing, and worked for several years in IT Project Management. After the birth of her son in 2011, Beth gave up her office job and focused on a small artisan sewing business she had created the year before. Today, Beth lives in the greater Boston area running her growing sewing business, doing some IT Consultant work, and coaching youth volleyball. Beth has been babywearing since her son was approximately 6 weeks old, originally with the assistance of Boston Babywearers. Within a few months, she was helping the group plan for International Babywearing Week, and soon after, she became a leader, teaching others at meetings. In 2012, Boston Babywearers became Babywearing International of Greater Boston. During her tenure there, Beth has been the Secretary and Librarian, and is currently an ABE and President. She is thrilled to work with babywearers both local and across the country through her local chapter and the Board of Directors.

Vilija Simaitis

International Babywearing Week Chair

Vilija Simaitis : International Babywearing Week Chair
Vilija has a BA in English Literature with a minor in Philosophy from Seattle University and  Masters in Teaching from the University of Washington. Before staying home with her two sons she taught high school English. She discovered baby wearing in 2013 when her oldest son was born and found it to be a great fit for her family. She began working toward becoming a VBE while living in San Antonio, TX and was a founding member of the Portland, OR Chapter. Vilija is in charge of coordinating education and training for the Portland area VBEs. The babywearing community was the first group she sought out when moving across the country because she knew she would find a bunch of like-minded friends. 
Vilija is excited to serve on the Board of Directors and undertook organizing International Babywearing Week in 2016. She enjoyed working with a great group of volunteers on her committee and looks forward to coordinating another fun week in 2017.

Kassondra Coxson


Kassondra Coxson : Director

Kassondra Coxson earned her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Behavior at Rollins College after a ten-year hiatus from college during which she worked as a retail Operations Manager, an international Tour Manager for a ska band, and a website developer at an advertising agency serving several Fortune 500 companies. She lives with her husband and two children in Mount Dora, Florida. A work-at-home-mom, Kassondra loves all things geeky and is the co-owner of Designed by Geeks where she creates and sells geeky patterns for use with appliqué and embroidery machines, electronic cutters, and standard computer printers, as well as geeky fabric, tee-shirts, posters, and cell phone cases. In her spare time, Kassondra blogs about parenting and serves on the Executive Committee of Central Florida Mensa.

Kassondra was introduced to the art of babywearing in the summer of 2013 when her first child was three months old. Babywearing has been a passion of hers ever since. She is especially interested in increasing awareness of babywearing accessibility and helping all interested parents and caregivers find options that work for them.