IBW2017 Featured Celebrating Organization: Kantoliinayhdistys ry Pohjanmaan paikallisjaosto & Babywearing Dancers of San Antonio

Kantoliinayhdistys ry Pohjanmaan paikallisjaosto, Vaasa, Ostrobothnia, Finland   Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/kly.pohjanmaa Tell us a little bit about your group and the community it serves. We are the local section of Finnish Babywearing Society for Ostrobothnia and registered since early 2017 even … Continued

IBW2017 Featured Celebrating Organization: South Eastern Babywearing Group & East TN Valley Babywearers

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South Eastern Babywearing Group, Melbourne, Australia Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/SouthEasternBabywearing/ Tell us a little bit about your group and the community it serves. Part of the Southern Natural Parenting Network, South Eastern Babywearing Group was created in the south eastern suburbs of … Continued

The Not-So-Absolute Rules of Babywearing Safety

I am a relative newcomer to the babywearing community. I have been wearing my children since July of 2015 and have been a VBE for my local chapter for a mere four months. In that time, I have fervently read … Continued

Finding Joy in the Little Things: Babywearing and Postpartum Mental Illness by Laura Vitanova

Motherhood has been…. different from what I expected to be. Actually, no, I am different from what I expected. I never expected that I would spend the first year and a half of my first son’s life struggling with, and denying that … Continued