Volunteer Opportunities

The easiest way to volunteer with Babywearing International is to contact your local chapter directly about volunteer opportunities in your community. However, we have a number of volunteer opportunities available with Babywearing International directly, working with the parent organization to benefit all chapters. BWI committee service may, with the approval of the Committee Chair and your Higher Accreditation Coordinator, be used to fulfill the requirement for an ABE or MBE project.


Additional Opportunities:

  • Education Committee: Design graphics, format captioning, and develop resources. We are especially interested in developing Pouch and Onbuhimo positioning cards. Interested? Contact Amy at amy.rainbow@babywearinginternational.org.
  • Social Media: Are you an Instagrammer? Love maintain Pinterest board? Have ideas for the BWI blog? You’e in luck! Contact Tasneem at tazz.muhd@babywearinginternational.org.
  • Accreditation Coordinators and Higher Accreditation Coordinators: Interested in helping your fellow volunteers obtain their VBE. ABE, or MBE accreditation? Contact Jillian for details!

Employment Opportunities


None at this time.

Request for Proposals: Cultural Competency, Inclusion, and Diversity Initiative

Babywearing International seeks a firm or individual to assist Babywearing International’s Board of Directors, staff, and committees to develop and adopt systems, policies and procedures that increase the overall cultural competency of BWI volunteers, increase diversity within the organization, and improve inclusivity. The consultant will aid Babywearing International in moving closer to stated inclusivity goals by:

  • Assisting BWI in the development of education and communications initiatives that increase understanding of CCID issues.
  • Helping BWI create welcoming and inclusive online spaces for volunteers.
  • Development of policies and procedures that are aligned to inclusivity goals.
  • Promoting diversity within chapters, board, and committees.

Please download the complete RFP for more information.