Volunteer Opportunities

The easiest way to volunteer with Babywearing International is to contact your local chapter directly about volunteer opportunities in your community. However, we have a number of volunteer opportunities available with Babywearing International directly, working with the parent organization to benefit all chapters. BWI committee service may, with the approval of the Committee Chair and your Higher Accreditation Coordinator, be used to fulfill the requirement for an ABE or MBE project.

Seeking Planning Committee Members for International Babywearing Week 2017!

Babywearing International is seeking applications for the International Babywearing Week Committee. The IBW Committee is charged with planning and implementing International Babywearing Week, Babywearing International’s annual outreach event held October 2-8, 2017.

We are looking for fresh NEW ideas and volunteers who have great skills in:
■ Task management (we would love “do-ers”!)
■ Organizational communication (love to correspond with sponsors, other vendors?)
■ Social Media (Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Pinterest, TBW-do you love managing and posting on them?)
■ Graphic design (love to come up with all our graphics?)
■ Spreadsheet Wizards (anyone who has some great skills to help us stay organized on the spreadsheet front)
■ Multilingual people – (as representatives of a global celebration people who can speak and write in multiple languages are assets to help with translating materials)

The Committee is responsible for developing new ideas to add to past IBW successes including developing the IBW logo, graphics, and themes, soliciting and communicating with sponsors and other partners, registering vendors and official celebrating organizations, overseeing all IBW-related social media and online events, etc. Looking for volunteers with strong task management, organizational communications, and networking skills, and/or graphic design, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TheBabywearer.com), online sales/product development, or web (WordPress and Google Forms) experience are particularly needed as well as representatives of diverse babywearing communities (including international representatives).

Committee members do not​ need to be Babywearing International members, volunteers, or educators. People from all nations are encouraged to apply. Volunteers will be expected to participate in the online planning Facebook group, other online collaboration sites like Basecamp to contribute to an assigned project, and participate in short monthly planning meetings online or via conference call. Time commitment will vary based on time of year and chosen task but expect to commit 2-5 hours/week plus additional time leading up to and during IBW.

To apply please send a letter of intent outlining your relevant skills and why you want to join the committee to: vilija.simaitis@babywearinginternational.org accepting applications now through May 30, 2017​.


Education Action Committee teams are in need of support 

We have two projects in desperate need of immediate attention. Depending on your level of involvement, both could qualify for an ABE or MBE project with approval from your HAC. Let’s talk if you need more details on that!

1. Graphics Committee Team Members: We need members with ideas and/or graphic design experience. Basic to advanced design skills are welcomed and needed. We have access to PiktoChart which allows even novice users (me!) design wonderful infographics and images. You will have a team leader to support you as you brainstorm and create.

2. Closed Captioning Team needs assistance: Videos from the IBC 2016 were transcribed by a company to hopefully speed up the process. We have unfortunately found that those outside of the Industry were not able to keep up with our lingo and spellings. We are in need of team members willing to watch IBC2016 videos and note when errors occur as well as individuals willing to learn enough about the editing software to correct the errors. We have a team leader able to assist you and support you as you complete these items.
To indicate your interest, please email Kathy@babywearinginternational.org

Communications and Education Volunteers

Technology Team

The Tech Team needs you!
We need help with:
– TBW admin and user permissions management
– Google Drive and email account management

Experience with Drive or XenForo a plus but not required; we are writing documentation for common admin tasks and will be testing it on new volunteers.

For all job calls below, please send an email of interest to Kathy@babywearinginternational.org. Please use the subject line to indicate your desired project in order to help organization. Letters of interest should include name, chapter, position in chapter, other national committee involvement, and a brief statement of why you are interested or a good fit for these positions:

Facebook Group Moderator(s): Over 70% of chapter volunteers visit the BWI CV Facebook group at least once a week. The Facebook group was developed as a place for CVs to exchange information and receive peer-to-peer support via a platform that is familiar to most of our volunteers. The BWI Social Media committee is looking for group moderators who are interested in cultivating a positive, helpful environment with the Facebook group while helping to direct CVs to appropriate resources. Facebook group moderators will be tasked with developing rules, directing chapter volunteers to appropriate contacts and resources, and facilitating group conversations, and brainstorming, while creating a safe and productive environment for all. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are passionate about BWI’s peer-to-peer support structure, familiar with our organizational structure, knowledgeable about social justice, and prepared to help move our Facebook group forward. This position typically requires 5 hours of activity per week on our Facebook group.

Facebook Public Page Moderator(s): This position would be charged with helping to schedule content created by a volunteer advertising professional, help to create additional content, share similar pages/missions, answer public questions, interact with followers, and manage messages sent to the page. This position is housed under the social media committee.

Blogger(s): The social media committee is seeking series bloggers interested in writing monthly or quarterly blog posts. Please include some topic ideas in your email for this position.

Graphics Team Member(s): The Graphics Team is looking for graphic designers, tech savvy volunteers, and idea people! Come help this committee develop the resources that you have been dreaming of having.


Employment Opportunities


None at this time.