Babywearing International chapters are run by accredited volunteer babywearing educators who provide instruction at meetings and support within their local communities. All accredited babywearing educators have demonstrated proficiency in a wide variety of baby carrier types as well as babywearing safety and best practices. Advanced accreditation levels are available to individuals who wish to further their education and provide a higher level of service to the organization.  BWI accreditation is only open to educators who are associated with an affiliated BWI chapter or whose groups are in the process of affiliating.  For further information about the accreditation process, please visit the BWI Handbook.

Volunteer Babywearing Educator (VBE)

Volunteer Babywearing Educator is the entry-level accreditation for BWI educators. VBEs understand and can teach basic babywearing safety and have demonstrated knowledge of the major baby carrier types (wraps, ring slings/pouches, mei tais, and soft structured carriers) both through a written assessment and an in-person or Skype skills assessment. For more information on becoming a VBE please contact your local chapter’s leadership.

Advanced Babywearing Educator (ABE)

Advanced Babywearing Educator is the mid-level accreditation for BWI educators. ABE candidates have served as VBEs within their local chapter for a minimum of six months and are expected to take an active role in their chapter. They demonstrate advanced babywearing knowledge and skills including working with newborns, tandem wearing, advanced wrapping skills, and an understanding of how to respond to tricky situations or special needs within their groups. ABE candidates also complete a project of their choice that benefits the babywearing community.

Master Babywearing Educator (MBE)

Master Babywearing Educator is the highest level of accreditation offered by BWI. MBE candidates must have been ABEs for at least six months, complete a project of their choice that benefits the BWI community, and demonstrate mastery of babywearing by conducting a supervised VBE skills assessment. MBEs are expected to take on a significant leadership role within the national organization.