IBW2017 Featured Celebrating Organization: Kantoliinayhdistys ry Pohjanmaan paikallisjaosto & Babywearing Dancers of San Antonio

Kantoliinayhdistys ry Pohjanmaan paikallisjaosto, Vaasa, Ostrobothnia, Finland   Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/kly.pohjanmaa Tell us a little bit about your group and the community it serves. We are the local section of Finnish Babywearing Society for Ostrobothnia and registered since early 2017 even … Continued

National Volunteer Week 2017

  Babywearing groups meet around the world, with one shared purpose; to help babywearing caregivers, families, or those simply curious to find what works for them.  Babywearing groups are community resources.  The folks who run them do so on a … Continued

National Volunteer Week 2016

It’s National Volunteer Week and that means we are celebrating. Babywearing International is an organization run completely by volunteers. Each individual chapter is run by local volunteers. Local chapters are grouped into regions to be supported by Chapter Support Committee members– who are … Continued