Raising the Next Generation of Babywearers: Little Wearers and Lender Libraries

Our first in this three part series about passing on the babywearing tradition to the next generation focused on children’s books featuring babywearing. This week, this post will be filled with more gratuitously adorable photos of children wearing their toys … Continued

The Not-So-Absolute Rules of Babywearing Safety

I am a relative newcomer to the babywearing community. I have been wearing my children since July of 2015 and have been a VBE for my local chapter for a mere four months. In that time, I have fervently read … Continued

Educator to Educator: Crossing the straps of an SSC

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It is no secret that I love Soft Structured Carries (SSCs). For my seat-popping babies, SSCs made those tough parenting days a tiny bit easier. All SSCs have slightly different features -which is great as that means they can work for … Continued

No Baby? No Problem! How to make your own inexpensive weighted doll for babywearing education.

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Weighted dolls are fantastic teaching tools for babywearing educators, even those who have ready access to a baby of their own. Dolls never object to extended practice sessions, don’t take naps, pull hair, pop their seats, or need to be … Continued