Raising the Next Generation of Babywearers: Little Wearers and Lender Libraries

Our first in this three part series about passing on the babywearing tradition to the next generation focused on children’s books featuring babywearing. This week, this post will be filled with more gratuitously adorable photos of children wearing their toys … Continued

National Volunteer Week 2016 : Outstanding Volunteer Lauren Maynard

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Volunteers with Babywearing International are committed to bringing babywearing support and education to caregivers, not just through online support, meetings, and Lending Library events, but also through dedicated outreach efforts into their local communities.  Community outreach is a forte for … Continued

National Volunteer Week 2016 : Outstanding Volunteer Rosemary Cox

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Continuing our celebration of National Volunteer Week 2016, we would like to highlight some of the amazing volunteers working across many roles within our organization and their community. Stay turned for additional volunteers each day this week. Our first  Outstanding Volunteer … Continued